1. Why should someone read your blog? Try a sentence like, “If you love X, X, and X, you’ll feel right at home here.”
  2. What will they get out of your posts? Are they going to get fashion inspiration? Business advice? An encouraging community of supportive women? Let ’em know what they can expect.
  3. Which types of posts do you write? Do you have any awesome series that people should know about? Where should they start?
  4. Why does your blog have credibility? This one is pretty flexible. You could list the big-name sites your content has been shared on, talk about how you have X years of experience in a particular field, OR you can let your readers know that you’re still learning, too, but love to share things as you discover them.
  5. How did your site get started? Don’t be afraid to be personable here and incorporate how your site came to be. Did you feel inspired after a certain event in your life? Did your passion for your blog’s topic start back in third grade? Tell a story!

I’m a Blogger, hobby Fiction Writer, and Father. I want to share not only my creative works, but how I’m staying sane while trying to carve out the time to balance a day job, family, and creative endeavors.

My main goal is to not just share my own stories, but also connect with (or form 🤔) a community of like-minded people trying to maintain balance and health while pursuing their passions.

Right Now I’m…