Hi I’m Seth Drebitko 👋

I am pursuing a passion for fiction writing while balancing time with my family and a day job. Aside from my fiction writing and reviews, I want to share my journey and lessons learned about leading a sustainably creative life.

I’m not limiting what I choose to write about, but nearly all of it will fall into a few broad categories.

  • Experiments: these will be things I’m playing around with incorporating into my life, or could be an experiment about eliminating things from my life. This could be things like eliminating caffiene, or trying to replace all the apps on my phone with siri shortcuts.
  • Thoughts & Lessons: some of the content I’ll write will be about thoughts I have (like optimizing for meteocracy), or lessons I’ve learned.
  • Book Reviews: another cornerstone will be the non-fiction and fiction books I’ll be reading.

💌 Monday Missives 💌

You can sign up for the free Monthly Missives newsletter and get a more personal weekly updates on what I'm working on and thinking about, as well as interesting things that other interesting people are working on. Because I am not tremendously active on social media, replying back to me by email is the most sure fire way to personally reach out to me.