Seth Drebitko

This is primarily my homebase for development news on my Indie Game Dev journey, and the tools I'm both developing and finding to help. I'm also sharing all my lessons learned along the journey to try and pursue my passions in a healthy way while balancing a day job and family.


Text World

This is my first game project I'm working on. I absolutely love the story engine (technical term?) underlying the game Rimworld. While I'm still learning 2d art I've decided to restrict myself to just creating a game using only text.

The game is one in which the player takes on the role of a group of survivors crash landing on a planet full of crazy cannibals, warlords, and monstrosities. In the beginning your colonists will struggle to survive in their new harsh environment, but assuming they do you'll need to make the decision to either tame this wild land and carve out a portion for yourself, or cast your eyes back to the stars.

Learning 2d Art

While I don't envision myself becoming a master I'm hoping to acquire at least passable enough skills to get some very simple art down.


Since the start of the pandemic (I'm sure like many others) I've struggled pretty deeply with mental health issues, which has also formed a feedback loop with declining physical fitness. While I have made a great deal of progress on my mental health I'm still struggling with my physical health. Aside from getting more walking in and eating healthier I'm also planning to implement a mobility routine.

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