Now 04/22

Welcome to the first ever “Now” page of, a post series where I outline my personal and professional goals for the next quarter.

Personal Goals

Getting Ship Shape

My primary personal goal for the next quarter is to begin building up my physical fitness again. The way I plan to do this is to continue getting my nutrition in line, as well as completing a mobility and strength course.

One I’m finished taking the fitness courses I’ll be sure to review them!

Business Goals

Launch Seth Drebitko Site

For this quarter I have 4 main goals regarding the site.

  • Write consistently every day. I would really like to manage a post per week, but I know that speed will come with consistency.
  • Create first drafts of courses. These initial drafts won’t contain their video content, which will follow in preceding quarters.
  • Establish a basic social media marketing plan.
  • Hit my weekly deadline on Sunday Dispatch.

Do Game Dev in My Spare Time

My main focus is my work on the Seth Drebitko Brand. I know that once I get the courses squared away that will free my time up. So my plan here is that any days when I fully complete my allotted Seth Drebitko work I can devote any extra time to my game dev hobby.

All of my game dev work will happen on my separately branded domain. Definetely feel free to visit my journey there if that is something that interests you, but because Seth Drebitko is my main focus content will probably be a little slow this quarter.

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