Hi I’m Seth Drebitko, a computer programmer trying to pursue a more balanced life. My goals are to continue pursuing a passion for fiction without sacrificing my health, or important time with my family.

One of the reasons I intend to use this site is as a platform to talk about my own fiction projects as well as the fiction I’m consuming myself. I’d also love to share any insights on the creative process that I think might help others.

Another major thing I’d like to focus on through the site and newsletter is on the ways I’ve found to lead a healthier and more sustainable life. The reason for this is that like most Americans I didn’t grow up learning good fitness, dietary, or financial habits. This isn’t a byproduct of ill intentioned parenting, but the historical inequality of knowledge between the haves and have nots.

I want to collect the knowledge I’ve gained not just for myself, but so that my children don’t have to wait till their 30’s to figure it out on their own. Since I’m building a platform for my fiction I feel like it’s a perfect opportunity to share and collaborate with a community that can grow together.

If you’re interested on more frequent updates regarding my projects, as well as to communicate on ways to lead more creatively sustainable lives I’d love to have you as part of the Pen Pals newsletter.