I’m an aspiring fiction author, a terrible photographer, and an imperfect father.

Who Am I?

I dropped out of school at a young age and hustled my way up the white collar food chain. Ultimately, I ended up transitioning into the IT field as I clawed my way up to the middle class.

In the end , my private sector life ended after 70-90 hour work weeks totally burned me out. Since then I’ve taken refuge as a New York state employee supporting legacy (ancient) computer systems.

In this time I’ve also created a tiny human, and am expecting a second tiny human 😲. Right now my biggest driving focus is to be able to pursue my creative passions, but also give my health and family the time they need.

What Will You Get Out of This Site?


My current life theme is “Live, Make, Repeat”, and my non-fiction content written here will revolve around that.

The idea of Live, Make, Repeat is that without burning out we should live balanced lives where we can pursue our passions, responsibilities, and health.

My goal is to try and provide people with the information needed to pursue a Live, Make, Repeat life, through experience, research, and community engagement. There will be a few specific ways I’ll be presenting this information.

Book/Media Reviews

A big source of inspiration for the way I’m trying to live my life comes from books, and things like podcasts. My posts reviewing these sources will try and give my feelings on who might get a benefit from reading it, as well some takeaway points.


Sometimes I’ll do experiments like meditating, quitting caffeine, or time tracking. These series of posts will focus around trying to test the theories I (or others) have come to relating to living a more balanced creative life.


Through the media I consume, and experiments I undertake, I’ll be distilling down what I learn about leading a balanced creative life. These will be gathered up in little knowledge bases on the site.


I love fiction of all kinds, but particularly fantasy and science fiction. Particularly I’m interested in world building and exploration. While I intend to use this site as a hub for my exploration of fiction

Fiction Reviews

More of my fiction consumption has been video than I’m comfortable with. I plan to do a lot more reading than I have been recently, and I’ll be reviewing the books I’m consuming.

Fiction Work

I’m not sure that I ever want to be an author professionally, but I’d like to at least finish a single fantasy series. I’ll probably talk some about this here, but most of it will be discussion around my creative process: for example my attempts at NaNoWriMo.

What Will I Get Out of This Site?

Ultimately running a website like this costs time and money. My two main reasons for running this site are a continued legacy, and the possibility of scraping by some extra pennies.


At the time of writing this I have 1 child, and another on the way. I am amongst the many who can probably claim that the generations before them did not adequately prepare them to live their best lives. One of my hopes is that the work I leave behind will provide my children with the information they need to become better than I am.


If all goes well and you like anything I wrote you might share it with people! It could be someplace like reddit, or even just directly with someone you know.


Money is a pretty great reward for time input. Because I think that relying on any single way to make some money is problematic, I’ll try and pull together a variety of small sources.

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You can sign up for the free Monthly Missives newsletter and get a more personal weekly updates on what I'm working on and thinking about, as well as interesting things that other interesting people are working on. Because I am not tremendously active on social media, replying back to me by email is the most sure fire way to personally reach out to me.