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The good life:

It’s about winning the lottery and chilling on the beach, right?

Seems pretty good in theory, but it doesn’t explain why:

• Entrepreneurs begin yet another business even after cashing out big.

• Runners start training for a marathon after completing that first 10K.

• Travelers seek the next opportunity to exit their cultural comfort zones.

• Humans strive for constant mental, spiritual, and creative development.

Here’s the thing: psychological research shows that what truly represents the “good life” looks very different from an idle existence. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite.

• We are motivated by a sense of purpose in multiple aspects of life.

• We aim to constantly “level up” until attaining mastery.

• We value experiences over material things.

• We seek autonomy and control in our pursuits – they are “our” goals.

We hear that the curse of the human condition is a state of constant dissatisfaction. But it’s more accurate to flip that on its head and instead realize that striving for the next level (and the next adventure) provides us the foundation for a life worth living.

In other words, happiness and living your best life are not about arriving at some idyllic destination. It’s your personal journey and desired potential that matters, which means the secret to happiness and fulfillment is to keep going to the next level … and beyond.

That said, you don’t have the time to sift through the mountain of personal growth information released online each day. More importantly, you really don’t have time to separate the noise and fluff from the solid, research-based content that help you live your best life.

That’s our job, and since 2014 we’ve delivered only the best selections each Wednesday by email. Here’s a bit about Further’s editorial selection process:

• Health: The old saying goes “If you don’t have your health, you have nothing.” Perhaps it’s smarter to say that if you have your health, your peak potential becomes possible. New research and case studies show that physical activity alone makes our brains function better, and that’s only one of countless reasons why fitness and nutrition are the foundation of your best life.

• Wealth: We traditionally think of wealth in terms of money, and let’s face it … it doesn’t hurt to have some. But how you make your money is more important than how much. And wealth is really about resources, which includes your relationships, business intelligence, and lifestyle. Become wealthier by increasing your access to resources, and you just might see the same happen with the balance in your bank account.

• Wisdom: It’s all in your head. Not just what you learn, or your capacity for constant learning (which is crucial). It’s how you think, and how your mind informs your actions, or worse – mindless reaction. Advances in neural science are confirming wisdom that’s 2,500 years old, while also shattering many of our modern conceptions of how our minds really work. It’s time to embrace the truth and ignore the junk.

• Travel: Research reveals that extended travel enhances your personality in positive ways, much like your personal projects allow for personal growth and even transcendence. Studies further show that your experience of time slows down when you’re traveling. Mark Twain was right when he said “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness,” and traveling well is the one activity guaranteed to lead to personal growth.

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Live, Make, Repeat

This site is not just a place for me to share my creative projects. I want to explore what living a sustainable, healthy, creative life looks like.

I think that too often we glamorize “hustle”, and far to infrequently do not think about living a sustainable life. I don’t want to spend years hustling late into the night, stealing time from my family, and driving my health into the ground pursuing a maybe.

Instead of living a life of hustle I want to pursue an idea of my current life theme Live, Make, Repeat. To do that I am documenting my journey to learn more about, and improve the following areas in my life.

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