Setting Design to Market?

My Thoughts on Writing to Market

There are a lot of thought leaders in the area of fiction writing and publishing, but Chris Fox’s ideas on Writing to Market have remained a very popular strategy for authors. I’m adapting this concept a bit for my own approach to it.

I’m not particularly interested in niching down on a single genre, and would instead like to create more of a Star Trek/Star Wars situation where I can write multiple genres in a large setting. In this way, the hope is that I can write to a handful of genres the setting is designed around, and have entry points to my writing in multiple genres.

Deciding What Markets I Want to Write to

The first step I made was to collect together a list of potential genres I might want to write in. For a while my setting design thoughts have been more sci-fi, and while I like the genre most of the stories I’ve thought of pursuing feel like they will work more in a fantasy genre.

  • General Fantasy
  • Heroic Fantasy
  • Epic Fantasy
  • Steam Punk

Crafting a Setting to Market(s)

Identify Some Setting Elements For Each Genre


Heroic Fantasy


Epic Fantasy


Steam Punk


Identify Some Story Elements For Genres


Heroic Fantasy


Epic Fantasy


Steam Punk


Creating Foundational Setting Elements


How You Can Apply These Ideas


Try and identify the things in your industry that interest you

  • Music genres

  • Art styles


If you want to follow along with more of my creative process

If you have any of your own interesting processes