Starting a New Job

One of the biggest things I’m facing at the moment is starting a new job. I’m in the process of trying to get a handle on a big promotion where I need to learn a bunch of new legacy programming languages, as well as get an understanding of a truly massive government application to support.

While I’m not really taking work home with me the challenge is definitely eating up a lot of my brainpower.

World Building and Gaming

I’m working on an expansive science fantasy setting that I want to be able to both tell stories in, as well as explore with friends on the table top. The world of Rune Walkers is a young one in which the galaxy and laws of nature have yet to settle.

Before delving into fiction though, I’m digging into working on world building, underpinned by work on a table game designed for the setting. I’d love for Rune Walkers to

Transitioning My Family to a Whole-Food Plant-Based Diet

I’ve been fully plant based for around 2 years, but my family has maintained a Standard American Diet. Since we both work full time, and juggle a 5 year old and newborn, it’s been incredibly difficult to manage two diets.

Luckily my wonderful wife has decided to join me on an adventure to get our whole family eating WFPB. This should be an interesting journey, and I’m looking forward to documenting the ups and downs.