Learning New Programming Tools

The biggest change in my life at the moment is that I’m in the process of preparing for an upcoming promotion. This switch will mean I need to learn a handful of new programming languages, and tools.

While I’m beyond excited at the amazing opportunities this will give my family, I’ll certainly be tapping the break a bit on my personal programming projects. In time though as things settle a bit I’ll be jumping back on Swift and JavaScript.

Fiction Reading and Writing

While a lot of my mental focus will be on grappling with the new challenges at work, reading and writing fiction will still be my favorite way to unwind.

On my reading list at the moment is The Magitech Chronicles by Chris Fox. So far this has been a really fun science fantasy romp, and I’m looking forward to doing a write-up about my thoughts on it.

I’m also working on a personal science fantasy setting that I’m excited to play around in. At the moment I’m just doing some world building, but as time allows I’d love to explore some fiction in the setting as well.

Transitioning My Family to a Whole-Food Plant-Based Diet

I’ve been fully plant based for around 2 years, but my family has maintained a standard American diet. Since we both work full time, and juggle a 5 year old and newborn, it’s been incredibly difficult to manage two diets.

Luckily my wonderful wife has decided to join me on an adventure to get our whole family eating WFPB. This should be an interesting journey, and I’m looking forward to documenting the ups and downs.