I want to be able to keep this site as something easy for new visitors to quickly extract value, and not be confused by an unstructured blog feed. To accomplish that I primarily post my content to the site after it’s been fully finished here, and what I’m currently working on you can join the Pen Pals newsletter.

The newsletter is mostly a place to discuss things I'm researching/testing, books I'm reading, projects and generally what I'm up to. My current projects are:

  • GMB Fitness: I need to rebuild my physical fitness to have the energy and focus to accomplish what I want.

  • Rune Walkers: I’m in the process of developing the foundations for a science fantasy setting to write fiction in. Some of this will be written in public, but much of my ideas will be spit balled in the newsletter.

  • Magitech Chronicles: I’m currently digging into Chris Fox’s fantastic science fantasy setting, and will be sharing my thoughts on the series.

I'd love for you to join us, but only because you're interested. For that reason there aren't any click bait sign up bonuses, just a promise to do my best to make the emails worth reading.