Shardverse Setting

At the moment I’m nose down on doing some world building for a science fantasy setting. The world is one in which the vast majority of existance is a roiling sea of pure magical creation called the Aether. Within this vast ocean of litteral endless possibility exist shards. Massive continent sized realms of stability in which mortal races can thrive.

From these places of relative safety and stability fledgling empires use arcane sciences to stretch their influences accross the vast Aether towards the safety of other shards. As mortals toil away fighting over plots of dirt, the forces of creation clash in an effort to lay the foundations for a pattern of creation that will fully birth a still forming universe.

Adventures in the Dark (RPG)

I absolutely love the table top RPG Blades in the Dark but the system as written doesn’t exactly support the type of story I want to tell right now. To get the more high adventure feel I’m looking for I’m working on a hack of Blades in the Dark.

While I’m still collaborating with the community regarding what the finished project looks like, I know that a major component will involve removing trauma from the system. The result I’m aiming for is to create a more generic foundation for myself and others to build off that still retains the tension that stress and trauma provide.

Physical & Mental Health Reboot

Since having my second child at the end of 2018 I’ve really let my physical and mental health slip. I’ve loosened my plant based diet habits (so still vegan but not as healthy), and I’ve also really allowed my fitness routine and meditation to fall to the side.

As a result I’ve struggled pretty heavily with some depression and my ADHD symptoms. A combination of my daughters colic and reflux subsiding has allowed me to slowly start working towards carving out more needed self care time.

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